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CPCCLRG3001 Licence to perform rigging basic level

2023-02-23 09:17:52

Our nationally recognised "Basic Rigging" course is a Worksafe issued high risk licence class - RB. With this licence you can perform basic rigging activities in any state or territory of Australia.






A person with a basic rigging high risk work licence is allowed to complete the following
range of tasks:

  • Movement of plant and equipment.
  • Installation of cantilevered crane loading platforms.
  • Steel erections.
  • Installation of static lines.
  • Installation of some hoists (including mast climbing hoists).
  • Installation of perimeter safety screens and shutters.
  • Placement of pre-cast concrete.
  • Installation of safety nets.

Worksafe HRW Licence:

 Worksafe RB Licence


Course Code: 

CPCCLRG3001 Licence to perform rigging basic level


5 x 8 hour days 


4 x 8 hour days (with pre-course work to be completed prior to attendance on the first day of face-to-face training)

(Assessment day times can vary due to a number of reasons including but not limited to individual student assessment requirements on the day of assessment)


Go Workplace Training offers this training course at its Clayton site 


Pre-Requisite Unit:

CPCCLDG3001 Licence to perform dogging - This can be met by either the successful completion of the unit CPCCLDG3001 Licence to perform dogging or holding a current WorkSafe HRW licence for dogging (DG Licence)



Dress Requirements:

Safety shoes (ie: steel cap), long pants (GWPT can supply Whistles with the additional charge, hard hats & gloves, however participants may bring their own, if they are in safe condition)



Equipment Requirements:


Training and Assessment takes place at a Go Workplace Training facility, all resources and equipment required for the course is provided. 

Due to the nature of materials required, this course is not offered for onsite training. 

Entry Requirements:



  • Participants must have a current HRW Licence to Perform dogging (WorkSafe DG Licence)
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Can use the English language at a level that enables the safe performance of high risk work. Students must also be able to understand the provided texts; comprehend the training in a classroom environment and be able to respond to short answer questions in English.    A sample of the text and example of short answer questions are available on request.   We recommend that all participants complete a Learning, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment at the time of booking, and to discuss any specific learning needs at this time.If the LLN test is not returned during the period outlined in the Confirmation Email, and the participant is assessed during the course as not meeting the LLN requirements of the course, the full course fee remains payable.
  • Participants are required to have general good health and fitness and any pre-existing medical conditions that will affect the training must be disclosed prior to attending.
  • To obtain a Worksafe Licence, participants must reside in Victoria or, if residence is elsewhere, have reasonable grounds for applying for the licence in Victoria.  If you do not reside in Victoria, Worksafe may require you to provide them with evidence of your reason for requiring a Victorian HRW Licence.

Course Description:  


This course has both theory and practical components. 

Assessment is conducted using a mix of GWPT Gap assessment tool and Worksafe’s approved National Assessment Instrument.  Under closed book assessment conditions, students are required to complete 74 short answer questions and a calculations test.  Students also undertake a practical assessment, in groups of 3-5 team members.

At the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to perform basic rigging to the Worksafe Assessment Standards. Participants will also be able to identify the safety requirements for rigging activities and their working environments.



Upon Successful completion of this course, participants receive a Statement of Attainment. Students will also receive an email, with a link to apply for their licence on the “myworksafe portal”. Students must apply for their licence within 60 days of the first day of assessment.

Upon successful application with WorkSafe, a Worksafe ‘Licence to Perform High Risk Work – category RB’ will be available to the applicant, through their “my WorkSafe portal”.

An additional Worksafe Licence Application Fee will be payable by the participant to WorkSafe Victoria ($67.60, as at 16/12/2021)