Customer Reviews

"Good evening Dan,

I will not bother you again, but just to let you know that I attained my f/l certificate today.  Your trainers/assessors - RS on day 1 and DP on day 2 were fantastic.  If I was still in my previous position I would refer all my potential forklifters to your company - but I have contact with the people that make those decisions, and I will certainly give you guys a wrap. Can you give me an indication of what your enrollment numbers are or have been with AP.  I have been out of the system for a couple of years and dont even know if they do it inhouse now, but I can talk to some people who know some people. Let me know, and thanks again." - David


"Just writing to say that I was speaking to EL this morning about a forklift licence for my son in law, she was so helpful, and so patient in explaining it to me. I asked her for her bosses e-mail, I'd like to pass on what a wonderful job she was doing." - Nola


"The boys and myself would also like to thank GoWorkplace training and all the staff for being so supportive during our training sessions – and just found it a great experience overall." - Johnny


"I have been wanting to send you a message since doing a CN course with GO recently. Our lives seem to be too busy these days so we find it hard to put five minutes aside to compliment someone but find all the time in the world to complain about them. I completed the CN & Gold Card courses on the 20th November this year with 3 others. One of the fellas in my course was a bit of a smart arse know-all to the point where I was starting to get pissed off as he was using up my valuable “learning” time. Our trainer/assessor DH conducted himself in such a professional manner the whole time and made sure no-one else missed out on any valuable details etc. I take my hat off to him. He was so calm it was unbelievable. In my eyes, as a paying customer, he was the face of your business for the three days I was there and I found he ran the course with absolute professionalism as if he owned the business. I wish I could find staff for my business with the same attitude and business ethics. There was also a stocky fella who was doing the dogman for our practical who was also a good attribute to your business in my mind. I wish your business all the best for the future and will definitely be passing your details on to anyone that may require your services as you come very highly recommended." - Gary